Solar System Kit 20kwh Hybrid Photovoltaic Home 

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● Product Name: Hybrid Solar Power System

● Application: Home

● Work Time (h): 24 Hours

● Brand: Autex

● MOQ: 20GP

● Port: Shanghai/Ningbo

● Payment term: T/T, L/C

● Delivery time: within 15days after getting the deposit

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One-Stop Purchasing/ Solar System Kit 20kwh Hybrid Photovoltaic Home 

Hybrid Solar Energy System Also Named On&Off Grid Solar Energy System. It has the feature and function of both on grid and off grid solar energy system. If you have a set of hybrid solar energy system, you could use electricity from solar panel in the daytime when sun is good, you could use electricity stored in battery bank in the evening or on rainy days.

Solar System Kit 20kwh Hybrid Photovoltaic Home 

Product Description

3kWh Off-Grid Home Solar System home use Wholesales
Solar Kit Energy System Complete 10KWh Off Grid0

Product Parameters

20KW Solar System Equipment List
1 Solar Panel Power: 550W Mono
Open circuit voltage: 41.5V
Short circuit voltage: 18.52A
Max power voltage: 31.47V
Max power current: 17.48A
Size: 2384* 1096 * 35M
Weight: 28.6 KGS
32 sets Class A+ Grade
Connection method: 2strings×4 parallels
Daily power generation: 70.4KWH
Frame: Anodized aluminum alloy
Junction box: IP68, three diodes
25 Years Design Lifespan
2 Mounting Bracket Hot-dip galvanized rooftop Mounting Bracket 32  sets Rooftop Mouting Brackets
Anti-Salt Spray,
Wind resistance≥160KW/H
35 Years Design Lifespan
3 Inverter Brand: Growatt
Battery voltage: 48V
Battery type: Lithium
Rated power:5000VA/5000W
Efficiency: 93%(peak)
Wave: Pure sine wave
Protection: IP20
Size (W*D*H)mm:350*455*130
4 pcs 20KW with MPPT charge controller
4 pcs in series
4  LifePO4 Battery Nominal voltage:48V
Nominal capacity: 200AH
Operating voltage range: 42-56.25
Standard charging current : 50A
Storage temperature:-20℃~65℃
Protection: IP20
Size (W*D*H)mm:465*628*252
 4 pcs Wall mount 38.4KWH
4 pcs in series
Life cycles: 5000+ times at 80% DOD
5 PV Combiner Box Autex-4-1 4 pcs 4 inputs, 1 output
6 PV cables (solar panel to Inverter) 4mm2 200m 20 Years Design Lifespan
7 BVR Cables(PV combiner box to controller) 10m2   

12 pcs

8 Breaker 2P63A 1 pc
9 Installation Tools PV installation package 1 package FREE
10 Extra Accessories Free changing 1 set FREE 

Product Details

Solar Panel
● 21.5% Highest conversion efficiency.
● Higher performance under low light.
● MBB cell technology.
● Junction box: IP68.
● Frame: Aluminum alloy.
● Application level: Class A.
● 12 Years product warranty, 25 Years power output guarantee.

Solar System Kit 20kwh Hybrid Photovoltaic Home1
Solar System Kit 20kwh Hybrid Photovoltaic Home0

● IP65 & Smart cooling.
● 3-Phase and 1-Phase.
● Programmable working modes.
● Compatible with high-voltage battery.
● UPS without interruption.
● Online Smart Service.
● Transformer less topology.

Lithium Battery
● Easy installation and up to 8 units can be connected in parallel.
● Flexible capacity options, max can up to 160kwh storage.
● Excellent safety LiFePO4 battery.
● Long lifespan.
● 5 Years warranty.
● Remote firmware upgrade.

Solar System Kit 20kwh Hybrid Photovoltaic Home2
Solar System Kit 20kwh Hybrid Photovoltaic Home3

Solar Accessories
● Black/Red color 4/6 mm2 PV cable.
● Universal compatible PV connectors.
● With CE TUV certificate.
● 15Years warranty.

PV Mounting System
● Customized for roof&ground etc.
● Adjustable angle from 0~65 degree.
● Compatible with all type solar panel.
● Mid & End Clamps: 35, 40, 45, 50mm.
● L Foot Asphalt Shingle Mount & Hanger Bolt Optional.
● Cable Clip & Tie Optional.
● Ground Clip & Lugs Optional.
● 25 Years Warranty.

Solar System Kit 20kwh Hybrid Photovoltaic Home4

Products Application

Solar System Kit 20kwh Hybrid Photovoltaic Home5

Production Process

3kWh Off-Grid Home Solar System home use Wholesales4

Project Case

3kWh Off-Grid Home Solar System home use Wholesales3




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Why Choose Autex?

Autex construction group co., ltd. is a global clean energy solution service provider and high-tech photovoltaic modulemanufacturer. We are committed to providing one-stop energy solutions including energy supply, energy management and energy storage to customers around the world.

1. Professional design solution.
2. One-Stop purchasing service provider.
3. Products can be customized according the needs.
4. High quality pre-sales and after-sales service.

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