Solar Kit Energy System Complete 10KWh Off Grid

Short Description:

● Product Name: Off-Gird Solar Home system

● Application: Home

● Certification:ISO, OHSAS, CCC, CQC, CE, IEC, FCC, RoHS

● Brand: Autex

● MOQ: 20GP

● Port: Shanghai/Ningbo

● Payment term: T/T, L/C

● Delivery time: within 15days after getting the deposit

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Product Advantages

One-Stop Purchasing/ Solar Kit Energy System Complete 10KWh Off Grid
Three Main Features:
● High response speed.
● High reliability.
● High industrial standard.

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Product Description

3kWh Off-Grid Home Solar System home use Wholesales
Solar Kit Energy System Complete 10KWh Off Grid0

Product Parameters

10KW Solar System Equipment List

1 Solar Panel Power: 550W Mono
Open circuit voltage: 41.5V
Short circuit voltage: 18.52A
Max power voltage: 31.47V
Max power current: 17.48A
Size: 2384* 1096 * 35MM
Weight: 28.6 KGS
16 sets Class A+ Grade
Connection method: 2strings×4 parallels
Daily power generation: 35.2KWH
Frame: Anodized aluminum alloy
Junction box: IP68, three diodes
25 Years Design Lifespan
2 Mounting Bracket Hot-dip galvanized rooftop Mounting Bracket 16  sets  Rooftop Mouting Brackets
Anti-Salt Spray,
Wind resistance≥160KW/H
35 Years Design Lifespan
3 Inverter Brand: Growatt
Battery voltage: 48V
Battery type: Lithium
Rated power:5000VA/5000W
Efficiency: 93%(peak)
Wave: Pure sine wave
Protection: IP20
Size (W*D*H)mm:350*455*130
2 pcs 10KW with MPPT charge controller
2 pcs in series 
4 LifePO4 Battery Nominal voltage:48V
Nominal capacity: 200AH
Operating voltage range: 42-56.25
Standard charging current : 50A
Storage temperature:-20℃~65℃
Protection: IP20
Size (W*D*H)mm:465*628*252
 2 pcs Wall mount 19.2KWH
2 pcs in series
Life cycles: 5000+ times at 80% DOD
5 PV Combiner Box Autex-4-1 2 pcs 4 inputs, 1 output
6 PV cables (solar panel to Inverter) 4mm2  200m 20 Years Design Lifespan
7 BVR Cables(PV combiner box to controller) 10m2 10pcs
8 Breaker 2P63A 1 pc
9 Installation Tools PV installation package 1 package FREE
10 Extra Accessories Free changing 1 set FREE 

Product Details

Solar Panels
● PID Free PV Module.
● 550W Positive Power Output Guarantee.
● 25 Years Power Output Guarantee.
● 100% Double Full EL Inspection.

Solar Kit Energy System Complete 10KWh Off Grid2
Solar Kit Energy System Complete 10KWh Off Grid.

Controller & Inverter
● 5KW Off-grid Inverter, 2 pcs in series.
● Output: Single Phase.
● 220/230/240V(L/N/PE).

Solar Battery
● Battery would provide the stable DC power for Inverter DC Input.
● Deep Cycle Battery.
● Lifepo4 Type.
● 48V 200AH (5KWH/pc).
● Battery Racket Customization.

Solar Kit Energy System Complete 10KWh Off Grid3
Solar Kit Energy System Complete 10KWh Off Grid4

Mounting Structure
Customized for:
Rooftop(Flat/Pitched), Ground, Car Parking Lot Adjustable tile angle from 0 to 65 degree.
Compatible with all solar modules.

● Grid to circuit breaker 5m
● Ground wire 20m
● Battery to circuit breaker 6m
● Circuit breaker to inverter 0.3m
● Load output to circuit breaker 0.3m
● Circuit breaker to inverter

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Products Application

Solar Kit Energy System Complete 10KWh Off Grid6

Production Process

3kWh Off-Grid Home Solar System home use Wholesales4

Project Case

3kWh Off-Grid Home Solar System home use Wholesales3




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Why Choose Autex?

Autex construction group co., ltd. is a global clean energy solution service provider and high-tech photovoltaic modulemanufacturer. We are committed to providing one-stop energy solutions including energy supply, energy management and energy storage to customers around the world.

1. Professional design solution.
2. One-Stop purchasing service provider.
3. Products can be customized according the needs.
4. High quality pre-sales and after-sales service.

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